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We provide real-time live curated radio stations for retail and business
Ignite your brand with the power of Online Radio.

Now more than ever, your capacity to express what your organization stands for represents a meaningful competitive advantage. Thanks to the internet, every company today is a media company. The Digital Radio Network represents the new era in business, embracing your customers in something more significant than simply a transactional relationship - it's about music and messages woven together and designed not just to promote your products and services, but to create a magical shared experience that matters, and resulting in a deeper emotional attachment to your brand. Reap the benefits of developing and sustaining a long-term engagement with your proprietary audience via your own Digital Radio Station - launch products, promote events, create engagement and advertise your brand.

In Store

Experience by Design

Control the message and music in your stores and franchises - announce special offers, coupons, contests and in-store event information directly to your consumers on your in-store radio station. iBeacon support available for smartphone proximity marketing.

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digital marketing

Our Online Radio experts will carefully craft a personally relevant, credible and memorable online station, creating a whole new level of brand participation. Our Online Radio solution brings the essence of your brand to life and engages your customers at a personal level.

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mobile platform

Use our customizable mobile app platform to deliver your music and branded entertainment, as well as the latest news, product reviews, event information and times, stories and special programs, coupled with coupons and location-based, real-time information and special offers.

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